When a disabled person moves on the street you will find many daily “architectural barriers” that prevent often functioning normally. Now in these times and in this world of new technology we face new barriers as they are “technological barriers”.

These barriers prevent “navigate freely” people whose disabilities can not see or easily understand the online world or just their physical disability prevents you move the mouse, thus depriving them of the right to be informed.

Ademi Tenerife, It is an association that fights for the integration of disabled people in society, not just sports but even more levels, a “full social integration”, why we have prepared this informative website in compliance with the Accessibility Guidelines Web Content (WCAG) as defined by the consortium W3C.

In Ademi Tenerife are aware that much remains to be done in this field within the information society and the vision we are committed to move forward in this direction.

Validar W3C - Ademi Tenerife