Volunteering is the way in which citizens in with societyit involves solidarity, altruismcommitment. This is an essential part of our association. Ademi has been developing these roles right from the beginningwe have been accredited as a Volunteering Organization in the Register of the Canarian Government since 2007.

Our volunteering role is focused on different aspects, but mainly on:

-Sport Volunteering
-Social Volunteering
-Therapeutic Volunteering
-Accompanying Volunteering

We organise volunteering actions, such as: sport events (sport competitionsexhibitions, training sessions, etc), Social inclusion (social insertionto create awareness such as promoting citizen participation), therapeuticaccompaniment roles (sociotherapy, accompanying persons whilst practising sportleisure activities).

If you want to become an Ademi volunteer,if you would like to receive more information, send an email to: voluntariado@ademitenerife.es call us on: 922 643 401. We are waiting for you!